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  • 24h Volume $60,892,906,668

Top Cryptocurrency Derivative Exchanges

List of top crypto derivatives exchages ranked by open interest and trade volume.
#Exchange24h Open Interest24h VolumePerpetualsFuturesOfficial Website
1 Binance (Futures)292158.18 BTC605063.33 BTC35555
2 Bybit (Futures)185957.04 BTC219225.72 BTC430105
3 CoinW (Futures)155144.74 BTC255412.89 BTC1130
4 Bitget Futures146808.39 BTC209942.25 BTC2970
5 OKX (Futures)97958.26 BTC248542.2 BTC238404
6 BTSE (Futures)85769.56 BTC23206.29 BTC9410
7 OrangeX Futures74696.59 BTC209549.14 BTC2330
8 BYDFi (Futures)69184.56 BTC285250.77 BTC2170
9 Bitmart Futures66641.17 BTC209280.91 BTC2000
10 Deepcoin (Derivatives)64336.14 BTC97269.06 BTC1310
11 CoinCatch Derivatives62457.16 BTC138644.68 BTC1940
12 XT.COM (Derivatives)48058.04 BTC236652.5 BTC43261
13 Gate.io (Futures)43703.15 BTC25632.81 BTC4530
14 Toobit Futures37653.47 BTC185424.85 BTC1560
15 Deribit35072.52 BTC11166.67 BTC1874
16 BitVenus Futures32279.46 BTC117590.36 BTC1050
17 KuCoin Futures27065.82 BTC17908.18 BTC3204
18 BingX (Futures)25505.96 BTC110349.11 BTC2790
19 BloFin (Futures)24673.43 BTC192682.3 BTC3740
20 Phemex (Futures)23950 BTC14641.71 BTC2930
21 WhiteBIT Futures22911.22 BTC22315.12 BTC830
22 PrimeXBT22900.97 BTC1636.09 BTC380
23 Bitunix Futures22303.56 BTC121999.68 BTC2470
24 CoinTR Pro (Derivatives)21728.02 BTC44548.17 BTC1010
25 HTX Futures21302.36 BTC21101.71 BTC1748
26 MEXC (Futures)17642.03 BTC55786.73 BTC4560
27 Hyperliquid (Futures)9470.87 BTC9880.08 BTC1390
28 BitMEX (Derivative)9189.46 BTC6308.4 BTC14358
29 Bitrue (Futures)7931.49 BTC100141.39 BTC2780
30 Bitfinex (Futures)7522.15 BTC768.6 BTC890
31 Kraken (Futures)5551.97 BTC7434.97 BTC20081
32 dYdX Perpetual (Ethereum)4511.53 BTC3321.95 BTC380
33 Fairdesk Derivatives4464.08 BTC60491.4 BTC2180
34 Crypto.com Exchange (Futures)4460.71 BTC41535.83 BTC15521
35 Coincall4413.24 BTC2116.3 BTC1370
36 Polynomial Trade 2775.16 BTC470.58 BTC740
37 CoinEx (Futures)2545.34 BTC12827.54 BTC2320
38 dYdX Chain (Cosmos)1977.31 BTC7367.49 BTC1020
39 Drift Protocol1822.93 BTC834.45 BTC360
40 Globe (Derivatives)1182.37 BTC597.24 BTC770
41 Vertex (Derivatives)1130.59 BTC2343.58 BTC510
42 ApeX Pro768.89 BTC3518.32 BTC480
43 WOO X (Futures)703.75 BTC6284.03 BTC2050
44 RabbitX679.78 BTC5027.82 BTC490
45 Blitz627.62 BTC591.47 BTC510
46 Coinbase International Exchange (Derivatives)586.38 BTC14916.46 BTC590
47 LBank (Futures)563.07 BTC304822.57 BTC2900
48 Stormgain Futures481.88 BTC936.62 BTC620
49 DexToro478.25 BTC0.98 BTC340
50 Paradex441.97 BTC1289.16 BTC530
51 GMX Derivatives (Arbitrum)396.47 BTC177.52 BTC40
52 Aevo382.75 BTC286.5 BTC940
53 Delta Exchange (Futures)361.89 BTC826.71 BTC790
54 GMX Derivatives (Avalanche)294.01 BTC70.68 BTC40
55 Flipster222.8 BTC2393.21 BTC2560
56 HitBTC (Derivatives)219.32 BTC305.24 BTC350
57 Orderly Network (Derivatives)169.36 BTC3570.33 BTC520
58 OX.FUN163.3 BTC164.97 BTC1020
59 AscendEX(BitMax) (Futures)137.67 BTC66039.42 BTC920
60 HashKey Global (Futures)108.7 BTC1959.5 BTC20
61 Helix (Futures)104.85 BTC350.4 BTC340
62 Gemini Derivatives92.98 BTC80.32 BTC140
63 Kine Protocol (Derivatives)92.09 BTC15882.72 BTC830
64 MUFEX91.22 BTC1290819.67 BTC750
65 Poloniex Futures55.54 BTC270.54 BTC130
66 BigONE Futures46.58 BTC438605.67 BTC160
67 Perpetual Protocol43.17 BTC14.04 BTC200
68 Levana Perps (Osmosis)40.99 BTC0.93 BTC410
69 Powertrade (Derivatives)30.97 BTC53.0 BTC260
70 KiloEx (opBnb)26.13 BTC109.52 BTC670
71 Surf Protocol18.63 BTC288.49 BTC380
72 Holdstation DeFutures15.03 BTC4318.57 BTC610
73 VALR Futures9.96 BTC22.94 BTC170
74 Aboard Exchange2.52 BTC4613.21 BTC370
75 KiloEx (BSC)2.12 BTC5.54 BTC320
76 Demex (Derivatives)1.97 BTC159.96 BTC600
77 KiloEx (Manta Pacific)1.81 BTC9.57 BTC320
78 MYX0.38 BTC2811.07 BTC40
79 zkEra Finance (Telos)0.14 BTC0.34 BTC30
80 zkEra Finance0.04 BTC0.1 BTC20
81 zkEra Finance (Metis)0 BTC0.35 BTC30
82 SynFuturesN/A15685.66 BTC400
83 GMO Japan (Futures)N/A1930.37 BTC110
84 Bitflyer (Futures)N/A1318.68 BTC10
85 Bibox (Futures)N/A166.61 BTC270
86 Orderly Network (Derivatives) (Near)N/A2.22 BTC40
87 KTX.Finance (Arbitrum)N/A0.0 BTC50
88 CME GroupN/A0.0 BTC05
89 BitMake FuturesN/A0.0 BTC220
90 KTX.Finance (Mantle)N/A0.0 BTC30
91 BHEX (Futures)N/A0.0 BTC00
92 OPNX DerivativesN/A0.0 BTC150
93 MCDEX (Arbitrum)N/A0.0 BTC00
94 MCDEX (BSC)N/A0.0 BTC00
95 EquationN/A0.0 BTC480
96 KTX.Finance (BSC)N/A0.0 BTC30

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